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Create and download free shok sandesh (Condolence Message) card image to inform or express sorrow, with easily online editable funeral invitation card design.

These shok sandesh card template are suitable for all Indian rituals or events that occur after death, such as tervi, prathana sabha, Rasam Pagri, bhog and antim ardas, dashkriya vidhi, besanu, varsh-shradh and others.

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Page 1 - Tehrvi and Rasam Pagri card with matter in hindi

tervi and rasam pagri card formate
free tervi & rasam pagri card template download

Page 2 - Rasam dahaka and amritvani path card in hindi

shok sandesh card formate
रस्म दहाका व अमृतवाणी पाठ

Page 3 - Prathana sabha / Shradhanjali sabha invitation card in hindi

shok sandesh card design
shradhanjali sabha invitation card design

Page 4 - Kirtan, Bhog and Antim Ardas Invitation

shok sandesh card design
bhog and antim ardas template (support punjabi language)

Page 5 - Dashkriya vidhi banner template

dashkriya vidhi card design
Dashkriya vidhi invitation message

Page 6 - Shok sandesh card in hindi for antim yatra

shok sandesh card - black and white
Shok sandesh card with white background

Page 7 - Shok patra/patrika card in hindi

Shok patra card in hindi
Shok patra/patrika card

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